There are three motivations to join AICNY

  • Implement value based payment strategies in health care serving patients with disabilities and chronic medical conditions

  • Develop strategies to improve medical service outcomes

  • Benefit from shared savings resulting from improved quality in service

Why become a member of Alliance for Integrated Care of New York, LLC (AICNY)?

AICNY has become proficient in utilizing claims data analysis to develop strategies to improve services and reduce costs. Analysis identifies “high utilizers” and “high risk” beneficiaries and informs actionable information to team members coupled with Annual Wellness Visits, medical Chronic Care Management support and patient navigation. Video-Telemedicine has assumed a significant role in changes due to COVID-19. The Members’ Health Centers developed collaborative agreements with the patients’ long-term care providers to coordinate services.  Parents and guardians are also often involved because they are caregivers and, in many cases, the patient is often not making decisions. The Participant Practice Members operate as Patient Centered Medical Homes.

In the five-year period from 2017 through 2021, the total health care services spend of the group was $295,813,017.  AICNY saved $15,791,856.

AICNY Performance Year Results 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Total Expenditures $39,741,683 $44,421,084 $64,104,161 $64,381,059 $83,165,030
Benchmark $42,122,241 $47,417,852 $67,067,592 $68,571,507 $83,426,650
Total Savings $2,379,588 $2,996,768 $2,963,431 $4,190,449 $3,261,620
Sharing Rate Calculation
GPRO-PQRS/CAHPS Quality Score 85.24% 76.81% 92.17% 96.87% 82.14%
Final Sharing Rate 42.6% 38.4% 46.1% 38% 40%
Shared Savings Calculation
Shared Savings $1,014,219 $1,150,904 $1,365,670 $1,623,671 $1,278,554
Sequestration Adjustment $20,284 $23,018 0 0 $26,093
Final Settlement
Net Earned Performance Payment $993,935.00 $1,127,885.55 $1,365,669.72 $1,623,671 $1,278,554

It should be noted that the official CMS shared savings for 2021 was $1,278,554.91 on a Medicare expenditure basis of $83,165,030. 

This means that our practices are improving quality of care which is the main purpose of the ACO.

How to become a member?

The process of become a member of AICNY is very simple. Contact us via our contact page to schedule a brief introduction session.